History of Rocky Creek Camp

In the 1943 Assembly of the Louisiana District Church of the Nazarene, the Camp Meeting Board was created. This board had the duty to locate and purchase suitable property for the development of a camp center.

In 1944, the following year, this board found and made arrangement for the purchase of a ten-acre tract of land located at Lee Heights, five miles North of Alexandria on U. S. Hwy. 71, just north of VA Hospital. The board's decision to develop this site near Alexandria was due to its centrally desired location to the numerous Church of the Nazarene congregations scattered across Louisiana. The funds for the $1,500 purchase of this property were solicited in a tour across the state from church to church in the Nazarene denomination.

April 1946, Church of the Nazarene Camp Meeting Board made the purchase of this property and title was transferred, placing ownership of this tract at Lee Heights to the Church of the Nazarene.

The first camp meeting conducted on this location was under a canvas tent in the summer of 1946. In that meeting, more than $5,000 was received by cash and pledges and was used in erecting a tabernacle the following year. Its construction of a steel-frame structure capable of seating 1,000 people was completed in 1947 and used that same year for camp meeting. The seating capacity was later enlarged to seat a congregation of about 1200. Dormitories, cabins for individuals and families, and a large dining hall were later erected; the latter of which it and the tabernacle are the only two original buildings left standing.

Since 1947, the tabernacle has housed many district gatherings of the Louisiana District Church of the Nazarene, including but not limited to summer camp meeting, children's camps, youth camps, and district conventions. These are all occasions remembered well by all who have attended.

For years, some called the camp, fondly, Lee Heights encampment. At present, the encampment is known as Rocky Creek Camp/Nazarene Conference Center. God has continually blessed the Louisiana District Church of the Nazarene and where once stood old, un-air-conditioned barracks and cabins for campers, are now fully air-conditioned and heated dorms, 32 additional private rooms for lodging, dining hall/conference room.

Our latest and current project is enclosure of the tabernacle. Nazarenes from across the district have pledged and donated monetarily; others are presently volunteering their skills. In addition to the giving of Louisiana Nazarenes, ROAM (RVs On A Mission), a group of men and women from 9 other states, is also very involved in the kick-off of construction as well as the kick-off of their newly-formed group, its first mission being to reach souls for God and its first project being the Rocky Creek Camp tabernacle.

(ROAM - Please get more information from Jerry Chrisenberry about this venture - number involved, exactly what they do, etc.)

Dr. Gene C. Phillips, District Superintendent, along with Rev. & Mrs. Elgin Glendenning, Rocky Creek Camp Manager, the District Properties Board, and ROAM are constructively active in the spearheading of this project. Completion of the enclosure of the Rocky Creek Camp Tabernacle is expected by the 94th District Assembly/Business Convention of Louisiana Church of the Nazarene District Assembly in May.

Located at 908 Mary Hill Road, Pineville, LA (Lee Heights), Rocky Creek Camp is not intended for use solely by Nazarenes but is available for year-round use by other groups as well. It is a beautiful scenic retreat and conference center, which provides facilities for all age groups and is also handicap accessible. It is more than just a camp. It is an extension of the ministry of all churches that take advantage of its facilities. It provides training and recreational facilities for all age groups. Historically, encampments such as this have been one of the single greatest contributors to the spiritual lives of our children, youth, and adults.

Information obtained from: A History of the Louisiana District Church of the Nazarene by Wallace E. Carruth, printed by Touchstone's, Bossier City, Louisiana, August, 1955; Rocky Creek Camp/Nazarene Conference Center brochure. 2/10/2004 ~Gena Kay Milligan, Louisiana District Church of the Nazarene